Yes! Omaha Dog Bar, LLC will be Nebraska's FIRST indoor/outdoor off-leash dog park bar. The facility will combine a professionally maintained bark park, with a bar and eatery where owners can work or socialize while their pups run, jump and play.

For us, it’s all about socialization. Dogs need it, and so do humans for that matter. It encourages healthy interaction and much-needed exercise. In order to provide a safe and fun environment for everyone to enjoy, Omaha Dog Bar will be a 21+ establishment. We will also require a membership or day pass contract in which the owner accepts all liability for their dog, as well as confirms their dog is social and up-to-date on all vaccinations. Membership fees go directly back to the bark park and bar to help keep it clean and pristine.

"We want your relationship with your dog to be the best it can be and are dedicated to building a space and community for exactly that!


The Bark Park

The climate-controlled indoor dog park will be a spacious, clean, fun and inviting space that will provide a cool escape in the summer, and a comfy retreat from Omaha's frigid winters. The outdoor fully fenced off-leash dog park will provide just the right amount of space for your pup to get some exercise while you enjoy social time.

The Bar

The bar will offer a selection of domestic and local craft beers, wine, coffee drinks, and homemade sodas. The snack counter menu will be posted soon, but we can assure you there will be items for both you and your pup! Since we are all about community, we will be hosting local food trucks on weekends and at special events to provide more food options.


We will host a regular slate of social, educational and recreational activities to keep you and your pet entertained and informed. We’ll have regular breed specific meet ups, regular training demos with various Omaha trainers, a dog expert speaker series, themed events and more! 



Omaha IS ready! This community has been wanting a more dog friendly community for years. Midtown and Downtown Omaha is growing into the most dog-friendly environment with the majority of housing options being pet-friendly. Even though these residents have a canine-friendly home, they still have a significant lack of both green and community space to exercise and socialize their dogs. If they want to be social with other humans, there are only two permitted restaurant and bar patios within a four-mile radius. However, these patios require dogs to be on-leash and weather and capacity restrictions may occur.

Omaha has done a great job at working towards a more dog friendly community. We've had a dog fashion show, numerous breed-specific meet ups all over the city, pop-up dog parks, dog friendly movie nights in the park, patio pup crawls, etc. But one thing the Omaha Dog Bar team has continued to hear about Omaha, is that it has a lack of patios or places to take their pup while THEY socialize. Whether you’re a nine-to-fiver, a student, an entrepreneur or new to Omaha, now there will finally be a place where you can hang out with ALL your friends and even make some new ones along the way. Your dog is not staying home anymore while you're having a great time with friends enjoying a cold one! After all, our dogs are happiest when they feel included, engaged and challenged. 

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