Omaha Dog Bar will be a unique membership-based community for dogs and their humans in the Midtown Omaha area. It will combine a professionally maintained indoor/outdoor bark park, with a bar and snack counter where owners can work or socialize while their pups run, jump and play in a safe, monitored and fun environment.

To make this environment as worry-free and safe as possible, all dogs must be over 4 months old, have their vaccinations and be spayed or neutered.

The ODB Team is excited to provide a place for the community to come together and enjoy a cold drink in the company of great friends, new and old, two-legged and four legged!



We want to help celebrate and encourage the bond between dogs and their people by providing a safe, clean and fun place to play and be social together, year-round. We represent the local Omaha community of responsible dog owners who are dedicated to improving the well-being and quality of life for their furry friends.


The Bark Park

The climate-controlled indoor dog park will be a spacious, clean, fun and inviting space that will provide a cool escape in the summer, and a comfy retreat from Omaha's frigid winters. The outdoor fully fenced off-leash dog park will provide just the right amount of space for your pup to get some exercise while you enjoy social time.

The Bar

The bar will offer a selection of domestic and local craft beers, wine, coffee drinks, and a small snack counter. It will be connected to the outdoor park which will have seating for members and fun, interactive recreational equipment for pups. In addition, the facility will host local food trucks on weekends to provide more food options for members.


We will host a regular slate of social, educational and recreational activities to keep you and your pet entertained and informed. We’ll have regular breed specific meet ups, regular training demos with various Omaha trainers, a dog expert speaker series, themed events and more! 

Also a dream of yours?

We are asking for donations to help get our feet off the ground as we continue our search for a permanent location. Is this a dream of yours? Donate today - anything helps!


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