Leah Thrasher | Founder | Dog Mom | Beer Drinker

Leah is known by her friends and family as a bit of an  'extra' dog mom. She co-founded and currently co-operates Omaha.dog (a web-based community that connects dog owners with dog-friendly businesses, services and events) 4 years ago with the hopes to make Omaha more dog friendly. She left her career in Marketing last fall to pursue her dream of creating a fun and safe space for dogs and humans to coexist.

Leah lives in Midtown Omaha with her two pups Riloh (aka Old Man Schnauzer) and Louise (her foster-fail Wheaten girl). You can often find her at the dog park, or at any dog friendly event of one she has organized or one she just supports. In her limited non-dog world time, Leah enjoys traveling, volleyball, family time, podcasts, lifehacking, studying entrepreneurship and mentoring other business owners. She often fantasizes about doing yoga, drinking beer, and playing her dusty drum set.

We want to help celebrate and encourage the bond between dogs and their people by providing a safe, clean and fun place to play and be social together, year-round. We represent the local Omaha community of responsible dog owners who are dedicated to improving the well-being and quality of life for their furry friends.
— Leah Thrasher

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